7 Solutions to EMF Pollution

Paul's blog spot EMFImagine getting your newspaper or your tablet to project right off the page – just like in the Harry Potter movies. Nothing would make big media companies happier than if they could leverage 3D Printing technology to deliver their messages to the masses.

Consider the way we presently take in the news. Most of us stay informed through TV, tablet, cell phones, watches, or our PCs. A relative few of us still read print newspaper.

When absorbing the news or any other information that comes to us through our technical devices we are also exposing ourselves to EMFs. A natural energetic off-shoot; electromagnetic fields, which surround us continually.


Hemp The Unsung Hero

Pauls' HempBack in the day hemp was a contributing crop in the US. As part of the cannabis family, the fiber, oil and seeds were heroes in adaptability. Hemp was used extensively during WWII for rope, cloth, oil, wax, pulp and even fuel. It is the same plant species as marijuana. Although it doesn’t contain enough of the substance THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) to take anyone on a kitchener limos ride of “highs” it is still, by nature a variety of marijuana – a known narcotic.

Prior to the war there was a an increasing public anti-drug sentiment. This disposition was suspended by more grave concerns, and hemp along with all of our other resources was considered as a valuable asset. Despite its versatility in helping the war effort, along with the fact that it does not contain psychoactive amounts of THC, after the war, hemp was ruled a narcotic under the Controlled Substance Act. Therefore production was and still is very restricted by the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration).


Summer Conveniences

Paul's hammockPeople want to get the most out of the few short months we call summer. Whether it’s camping, getting to the beach or entertaining in the backyard, it’s easier, and loads more fun when we have a few extra comforts.

Life is made easier with gizmos and gadgets – its just the way it is. This post reminds me of my good friend Paul Maddalena because he always has some really cool tech gear that he brings camping that seems to make the trip more enjoyable. We need to cater to some of our whims now and again, and sometimes owning a small convenience can make our summer even more enjoyable and, even add a big difference.


Simple Solutions for the Home Gardener

home gardnerSummer is in full bloom and we are enjoying the sunshine and the long warm days. One of our favorite pastimes is taking pleasure in our gardens. Fresh flowers filling the air with delicate scents and vibrant vegetables filling our tables with flavor and nutrition.

Gardening has many rewards, but those rewards only come from dedication and hard work. Just like owning any small business from tow truck Dayton Ohio to local catering, most small time horticulturist view the “work” as labors of love as we transplant and tow dirt and shrubbery from here to there. We are willing to pay the price in exchange for the lovely pleasures.