Summer Conveniences

Paul's hammockPeople want to get the most out of the few short months we call summer. Whether it’s camping, getting to the beach or entertaining in the backyard, it’s easier, and loads more fun when we have a few extra comforts.

Life is made easier with gizmos and gadgets – its just the way it is. This post reminds me of my good friend Paul Maddalena because he always has some really cool tech gear that he brings camping that seems to make the trip more enjoyable. We need to cater to some of our whims now and again, and sometimes owning a small convenience can make our summer even more enjoyable and, even add a big difference.

Camping Convenience

Good friends of mine are ardent campers. Jan and her husband join 40 million others who are taking to the great outdoors this summer. Jan is so organized when camping, that it baffles the mind when an item appears out of thin air at the moment it’s needed most. She doesn’t like to be loaded down with frivolous gear or equipment, but doesn’t like being without too many of her comforts either. She, and her husband Robert prefer to camp in a bit of a luxurious style – while still roughing it, mind you.

So they would never go on the trail without their hammocks strapped to their gear.  Enjoying stretching out in the cocoon of their lightweight Yucatecan hammocks and looking up into the sky through the boughs of trees while being safely off the ground, beats a sleeping bag any dry day. Have you ever slept overnight in a hammock? This writer rates the practice as one of the best summertime experiences for any outdoors person to check out.

Beach Canopy Buddy

Another place we spend a lot of summer time is the beach. We can’t get enough of it, but naturally have to monitor our time or we can get scorched. Sometimes we have to leave long before we really want simply to get out of the sun. Thanks to the easy-up canopy beach cover, called the Sombrilla you don’t have to skip out early. After a morning of volleyball you can safely stick around for that well deserved afternoon nap.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Sombrilla has been constructed to be lightweight, simple to carry and easy to use. This ingenious little convenience is easily transported to your favorite spot on the waterfront in a cotton bag that you can sling right over your shoulder. Another plus; while it keeps you shaded it doesn’t cut off any of your views. It’s large enough for several shore lovers and it’s easy to re-position as the sun moves. Made of 100% cotton with beautiful and fun designs, it makes your trip to the beach even more of a pleasure.

Barbecuing Benefits

There will be twenty friends and family showing up at your place around 5. You are the one catering this shin dig so you are on your game. Naturally, some will want dogs, some burgers and others want steak and veggies. No problem if you have the right tools and equipment.

If you’re cooking over a crude fire pit on a wobbly grill, with pokers and a couple hot pads, it just isn’t going to be a whole lot of happy for the cook. So this is an example in the extreme, but if you’re like me, you wouldn’t even begin to put together a backyard cookfest unless you had a descent grill.

College days saw plenty of burgers come off the domed shaped, slightly dented charcoal burner that were successes in their own right, but now . . . you may want to pump it up! If your place is party central and you love to entertain, then spring for a good grill. They range from the outrageous – many thousands to the moderate.

Summer Grilling 2Going somewhere in the middle price range is usually a safe bet. The Brinkmann Medallion 5 burner gas grill has a grate that holds 38 burgers! But what makes grilling a pleasure are the long handled, easy to clean forks, spatulas, temperature guages, fireproof, aprons and hot mits.

The list can make you dizzy with all the gotta haves and gadgets. Going into a Bed Bath and Beyond or a William and Sonoma will put you in front of all the latest and the greatest barbeque hardware you could dream of to make your summer cookouts enjoyably convenient.

What’s your can’t live without summer convenience? Leave a comment below would love to hear from you – and maybe we’ll feature your ideas in an upcoming article.

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