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Hello, I am Paula, and my colleagues are Teresa and Rene, and together we are Honest PTR. We are all about offering honest solutions to improve home and health.

We find ways to make life work just a little better without adding chemicals and expense to solve an everyday problem. Many of us are looking for simple solutions to commonplace challenges. The big, the bad and the bitty problems that come up just from living in a modern world with lots of things going on.

Here at Honest PTR we pass along household and cleaning tips, health and beauty pointers, DIY ideas for your home projects, cooking clues and a plethora of great odds and ends jammed with helpful words of advice.

Life has to be easier than we make it. Simple, honest solutions are closer than we’ve been led to believe. The clever marketing arms of big business that reach into our homes through their advertising campaigns tell us we need exactly what they are selling in able to get a job done and go on to live happy lives.

The shelves are stocked at the grocery, drug and the hardware stores with all the latest solutions to every problem known to man. If you are overweight, have stains on your carpet, your puppy needs housebroken or your garden is rampant with weeds you can find a product to “fix” the problem. At least that’s one way of thinking, but here at Honest PTR we educate you on alternatives and options.

Thank you for being a part of our audience at Honest PTR. We come up with some great solutions, but we get most of our inspiration from you, our readers so please let us hear from you.

Paula, Teresa and Rene

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