7 Solutions to EMF Pollution

Paul's blog spot EMFImagine getting your newspaper or your tablet to project right off the page – just like in the Harry Potter movies. Nothing would make big media companies happier than if they could leverage 3D Printing technology to deliver their messages to the masses.

Consider the way we presently take in the news. Most of us stay informed through TV, tablet, cell phones, watches, or our PCs. A relative few of us still read print newspaper.

When absorbing the news or any other information that comes to us through our technical devices we are also exposing ourselves to EMFs. A natural energetic off-shoot; electromagnetic fields, which surround us continually.

At Honestptr we love bringing you honest solutions to support health and homeland. The subject of EMFs has been under-reported in the news, simply because out of sight = out of mind. Also only a scant few have offered solutions as to how to avoid this common secondary characteristic. Why do we need to avoid over exposure to EMFs in the first place? It’s a blindly accepted by-product of our technical world. We live with it, and try to stay as unconscious to the issue as possible. I’m a big fan of technology, but life has taught me – everything in moderation. Boring you say . . . check this out.

Effects of EMF pollution:

Reports of severe headaches, heart palpitations, tinnitus, insomnia and links to brain cancer have all been connected to overexposure to wireless technical devices. A term used to describe the condition is electro hypersensitiveness, EHS, and refers to a plight that affects up to 10% of the population. For years the military and other utility companies referred to this condition as “microwave sickness”. Children are especially vulnerable to electromagnetic fields, and symptoms include hyper activity, irritability, shorter attention spans and sleep disturbances to name a few. Safe technology advocate, Jeromy Johnson makes a life study of EMF pollution and the effects of this legitimate wi-fi consequence.

Johnson has his degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and his wife is a medical doctor. Three years ago after returning from a 2 week vacation – off the grid, back to their normal environment, surrounded by technology they started to experience unrelenting symptoms only later to learn referred to as EHS. The couple’s home was equipped with a wireless “smart” electric meter when they were gone. The EMF was stronger than what they could tolerate. They had no idea initially what was causing their symptoms until over a period of 4 months they narrowed down the instigator. After the “smart” meter was removed their tolerance for wi-fi devices was compromised, but livable.


1.) Whenever possible go wired. Trade the wireless device for the grounded device that is actually plugged in.
2.) If your house is equipped with a wireless “smart” electric meter, trade it in on an analog reader.
3.) Get grounded. Soak in your natural surroundings. Take a walk in the woods, beach or even your own garden. The Earth has it’s own electromagnetic frequency known as the Schumann Resonance of 7.83 hertz that helps normalize our personal electromagnetic field.
4.) Use cell phones rarely and wisely. When using them employ ear buds or headphones, but avoid putting a cell phone to your head. Children’s use of a cell or wireless phone should be highly restricted.
5.) If pregnant use a “belly band” that protects the unborn fetus from everyday radiation with 99.9% effectiveness.
6.) Parents can set up a wired baby monitor in place of the conventional wireless, thereby reducing EMF exposure while the child sleeps.
7.) Measure the actual amount of microwave and magnetic fields in your home using a Cornet ED78S RF/LF Meter.

There are dozens of other protective devices to keep you from unwanted levels of exposure to EMFs. Going on line (be sure you are wired) to do more research can give you a wider perspective that this small article could even begin to cover. Learn more about the everyday exposures and effects of EMFs, and how you can keep a healthier home and work environment.

What has been your experience with electromagnetic field disruptions? Leave a comment below.

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